Alternative Creatures mod v1.5 for Heroes VII

AC Mod (Alternative Creatures Mod) is an unofficial and global (map independent) gameplay mod for Heroes VII. Its goal is to align each faction with alternative creatures, which until now were neutral, and allow them to be recruitable in towns. The mod also introduces (or reintroduces) 10 new creatures.

Alternative Creatures mod

Alternative creatures sometimes have upgrades, sometimes they don’t. In many cases they are a bit stronger then their “normal” counterparts but in exchange for them “being better”, their special abilities and/or higher growth, their dwellings are often more expensive or the unit cost is higher.

Shantiri Golems are a different version of Sandstone Golems. They have less defense and deal somewhat less damage, but they have a stronger attack, more initiative and an extra ability. Aside from that they also have a slightly higher growth.

Griffins deal less damage than the Wolves, but are faster and can fly, which gives them a tactical edge – especially during sieges. They also have higher base growth.

Radiant Glories and Light Elementals (also known as Blazing Glories) are better than Cavaliers and Cuirassiers almost in every aspect – if you can afford their demand for resources.

Succubi stats are generally lower than Vampires, although with more attack points. In theory they deal less damage, but they have a ranged attack and an area blast, which greatly improves their efficiency. If your army already has a strong hand-to-hand attack then Necropolis may make use of a second shooter.

Efreeti replace the Academy’s balanced tank with a fast, offensive attacker. Efreeti have less defense and do not suppress retaliation, but can fly at long ranges in the center of enemy ranks, where they will deliver debuffs and retaliations to everybody that attacks them.


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