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PlatformHeroes 5 TotE only
File Size180 MB
Update12.04. 2021
Art of Legends of the Ancients (artbook, pdf)

1- Installation

Put the files in their respective directory where you installed Heroes V Tribes of the East (that is : put the content of userMODs in this archive inside the UserMODs directory of Heroes 5 TotE, and so forth).

To uninstall LotA, simply remove those files from the folders, and especially the file named lota1-3_tote.h5u that is located in “UserMODs”.

In the Video and Audio option menu, uncheck the checkbox “No Eyecandies“.

2- Playing

Launch Heroes V – Tribes of the East. You’ll notice there’s now a Legends of the Ancients logo and new menu screen as well.

Create a new profile to play Legends of the Ancients as it replace the campaigns of the original game. (That way it won’t mess accidentally with your saved games.)

Go into Single Player / Campaigns and select Book 1, 2 or 3 to start the adventure.

Heroes 5: Legends of the Ancients, Book 3

3- Troubleshooting

Q : When I click on a mission in the menu the interface disappear and the mission doesn’t launch !

A : Did you put the .h5m files into the Maps folder (without any subfolder) ?

Q : There should be new music but all I hear is H5 music !

A : The new .ogg files should be under music/Lota/. Check you haven’t put them directly into music (without the Lota subfolder)

Q : I tried to launch the mission via the Custom Map menu, but it is too hard !

A : While you can access the missions directly via the Custom Map menu, it doesn’t carry the experience of the heroes from the previous mission, making some of the last levels quite harder. LotA should be played via the Campaigns menu only.

Q : Map does not seem to work !

A : Did you update HOMM 5: TotE to version 3.1 ?

4- Credits

Story & writing, mapmaking, new textures
Julien Pirou

Artwork, heroes portraits, new textures
Jean-Mathias Xavier

Additionnal writing & Proofreading
Shane O’Donnell

Additionnal proofreading
innokenti, Kareeah Indaga

Dialog Scenes
Mctronic (Book 3 only)

Music (from previous Might and Magic games)
Rob King, Paul Romero and Jennifer Wang

Julien Pirou, Zenithale Mitale, Mctronic, Markkur

Kareeah Indaga, Soviet, AllanPoe, Winfola, Zenithale Mitale, Ehlesgens!/Assryn, Arek

“Large Message Boxes” mod

“Radiant Glory” Mod

Mctronic (Book 3 only)

Based on characters and universe created by
Jon Van Caneghem and New World Computing

Special Thanks
Angelspit and all the staff of CelestialHeavens.com,
Kareeah Indaga, AllanPoe and Soviet,
Winfola, Jiraiya, Sfidanza and the fine folks at Heroes-fr.com,
all the members of the Heroes Round Table (and especially Pitsu,
Grumpy Old Wizard and all the members of the Mapmaking Guild)
the modding community at Elrath.com,
PAX for his tips to improve the look of the world map,
Fabrice Cambounet and Erwan Le Breton of Ubi Soft,
Vlad and all Ubi Soft’s QAR team,
Jon Van Caneghem and New World Computing
for creating Might and Magic,
and Ubi Soft for keeping the name alive.

Very special thanks to Corlagon.

And of course you, for downloading and playing the campaign.

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