FreeHeroes engine – Battle Emulator

FreeHeroes is free (both “as free beer” and “as free speech”) engine for Heroes of Might and Magic 3, similar to VCMI project. Project goals are:

  1. Develop a free engine which could provide HotA + HD Mod functionality
  2. Go even further and provide moder cybersport features: replays, observer mod, cheater-proof online server, etc
  3. To be at least as flexible as VCMI is in terms of modding.
FreeHeroes (GitHub)
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

FreeHeroes is an executable file, which could run without original Heroes III data. But, for eye pleasant, it’s better to have original resources, and FreeHeroes provide converter for legacy data. Conversion is done one time, after that original game resources no more needed (SoD/HotA/HD).

Current state: project in early development (!); adventure mode is unavailable – only battles in some subset of features are possible.

How to run FreeHeroes Battle Emulator

  1. download 7z archive from GitHUb releases page (take last available FreeHeroes_Win64_*.7z file )
  2. extract it (7 zip extractor is required or WinRAR)
  3. run LegacyConverter.exe, enter the directory where is Heroes 3 Complete + HotA stored and press “convert!” button
  4. after conversion is finished, you could start BattleEmulator.exe and press “start battle” button.

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