King’s Bounty II – Patch #2 is live!

This King’s Bounty II update focused on further improving the game’s overall stability and fixing the most common issues that could block progression. Here’s what changed:

King’s Bounty II  General and balance changes

  • Difficulty levels. Players can choose between 3 options: Easy, Normal, Hard. Experience new battles and an economic system like never before.
  • New loading screens show the exact area where the players are located.
  • Added display of new items in the inventory. New items are marked with asterisks until the player checks them.
  • Added maps of dungeons and hidden locations, including The Beyond and other arenas.
  • Spell scrolls now display the school of magic for that spell.
  • The Talent display now shows the hero’s gold.
  • Each hero now has a different set of items collected from Quartermaster Aestanin in Crucis.
Release dateFebruary 4th


  • Graphics and visual improvements in The Albian Highlands.


  • Minor improvements to the visual style of the main interface.
  • Items are automatically equipped if the hero has an empty slot for that type of item.
  • Improved the battle bottom panel. Fixed an issue that could cause players not immediately to push the correct icon in the bottom bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI if it didn’t display the increase in leadership immediately after the victory.


  • Changed the progression of parameters for all heroes.
  • Changed the balance of spells.
  • Changed the balance of enemy heroes.
  • Improved enemy AI.
  • Changed the balance of the economic system.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arcane Knowledge. 1 Arcane Knowledge = 1 mana is available to the hero in battle, as initially planned.
  • Added FX effects to Magic Rare Weapons in Adventure Mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong work of the Stasis spell and effect. A unit under the Stasis effect cannot be affected by negative effects, as intended.
  • Changed the mechanics of the Triumph skill. Triumph now deals damage to an enemy unit. If the enemy dies, the unit that used the skill recharges its skills and gets a second turn. If the enemy survives, then the effect of Magic
  • Shackles is applied to him for 2 turns.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong cost of casting the Inspire spell.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect targeting for some quests.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect cameras views in some dialogs.
  • Increased the amount of mana that a player can receive after completing the Magefactory quest.
  • Increased the gold amount drop from chests in Crown Land.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility to use some chests.
  • Improved the calculation of the starting strength of the enemy army to display the difficulty of battles more accurately.
  • Fixed an issue with missing scrolls in the spellbook.
  • Fixed an issue if the main hero sometimes stood in A-pose during automatic loot equipping.
  • Changed the mechanics of wounding creatures. Now wounded soldiers cannot be finished off. Any wounded creatures can be healed after the battle is over.
  • The Assassins, Cavalrymen, Soul Eaters, Ghouls units no longer use the Fatal Strike passive skill. Units’ parameters have been increased to compensate for the skill.
  • The Graveyard Ghoul, Gargoyles, Hollow Hounds units no longer use Execution’s active skill. Units’ parameters have been increased to compensate for the skill.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility to use unit standby mode that received a second turn.
  • Fixed issues with heroes stuck in the open world.


  • Fixed an issue with A Tough Nut quest: now the player can complete it even if Tivir changes her location.
  • Fixed an issue with The Beauty And The Beasts quest even after starting The Ritual quest.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong awarded Ideal points in the quest The Beauty And the Beast.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect target designation in the Mad Genius quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the closed chest in the quest The Missing Treasurers even after interacting with it.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility of completing A Tough Nut quest if the player picks up the chest without talking to Vincent first.


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