HoMM3: Day of Reckoning update #4 – Adventure map town walls

There might have been some time since last update, but we assure you that things are going forward at a decent pace.

Today we decided to shed some more light on the town walls for adventure map, some of which you might have seen in our New Year Teaser.

As you can see we plan to extend the mapmaking palette not exclusively with objects presenting new mechanics possible in Day of Reckoning (DoR). We are also developing assets to enhance decorative aspects of the maps, with town walls focusing on bringing more of the faction architecture and aesthetic into the maps.

There is also another new object in the screen. What does it do? Maybe asking the present heroes what they have been doing before Restoration of Erathia could give you some clues (explanation below the picture).
(Minor graphical changes and adjustments may still be made)  -The DoR Team

Fiona was a trainer of circus animals in eastern Erathia before the Devils invaded. She quickly proved to them that her control over animals extended to the always temperamental Hell Hounds, and she was immediately accepted into the ranks of Eeofol’s armies.

Adventure map extended town walls

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