HD Interface Mod v1.0 (compatible with Advanced Classes mod)

Thanks to Xyst, we have a complete new HD interface mod for the HD mod version of Heroes 3.

I would like to present to HC my HD Interface Mod.  I would like to acknowledge many here who have helped me with their advice and their work. Firstly, those involved who helped make the original New Interface mod by KSWDIY and 552388389 and those who contributed in the Chinese Forum to create Chaos Upgrade 1.31.  And I never knew that all their work was taken from King’s Bounty.

Thank you to fred79, avatar, RerryR for your input and advice while I was trying to make this interface. And finally thank you Baronus for your patience giving me a step-by-step explanation to creating images that would allow for the banner colours to change on the images.  I figured out an easier way to do it, but I really tried the way you explained it and could not do it that way. – Xyst (mod author)

HD Interface mod
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Heroes meeting screen.

Heroes meeting screen.

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