fheroes2 v0.8.4 update – Heroes of Might and Magic 2 HD mod

We’re very excited to reveal a new release of fheroes2 – 0.8.4 version just before New Year holidays! The team decided to split 0.9 release and give you an opportunity to enjoy the better game once they polish few more things before major 0.9 release. For this release team made main focus on game’s logic and mechanics and fixed many places in the game: scrollbars, unit stack separation by keyboard, UI dialog elements and interaction with objects on maps.

More importantly, they improve game’s performance on low-profile devices and fixed the issue with full screen for SDL 2 builds. Also over 100 bugs was fixed for this release.

GOG Heroes 2 version

fheroes2 – free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II game engine with a plenty of delightful changes! For quick testing, you can download the prepared package with Heroes 2 Demo (contains Broken Alliance map). Author: sirDranik

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  1. Ekshenman

    Hi Liso1,

    The description of the project is incorrect. This is totally not a mod and it’s not positioned as HD version. Mod is a modification of an exisiting application. This project is written separately without changing any original executable files or resources.

    This is a free implementation of HoMMII game engine. Please correct the title and the text of this article and in YouTube to do not confuse people and to do not belittle fheroes2 team work.

    Thank you!


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