You’ve heard many rumors about this place, that strange activities go on in there. Finally your curiousity became stronger than fear and here you are, standing next to these heavy wooden doors, shivering with fear and excitement. Your shaky hand raises to knock…

starting hero menu



how can i get starting menu for hero as per this line on time 17sec +?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pthVBfXSYdQ   in 0:17 time.

Thank you:)



Install HD mod: https://heroes3wog.net/modifikacie-heroes-3/homm3-hd/ or Horn of the Abyss


hmm i have both  latest 1.6.1 HOTA  and also latest HD HoMM3 HD 5.2 R85 but still cannot get this nice starting menu for hero when you selecting game castle and hero.

I can see only name of hero and his specialty its all.

unfortunately no idea how to put some pictures here  insert in menu not working for me 🙂

Anyway have great evening:)

sorry for writing in english i should use my native czech instead 🙂


btw  i promised to you some time ago provide maps for MoP which i converted to be able play under this  mode but not sure if there was some progress for this game and i didnot play its long time.