The Tides of War (VCMI)

It all started in year 2013. At first we just wanted to add alternative creatures to every vanilla town, like in Heroes 4. But as years have passed, people have changed, ideas have changed, and, in result, the mod has changed too. And now, at the end of 2019, we are very proud to show you Tides of War, an expansion for VCMI. Yes, expansion.

The Tides of War
How to install Tides of War

Alternative units are the core of our mod, but finally we could add much more. New splash screen, new graphics, skills, objects, spells, heroes and so on. So we decided to give our project a proper name. We have some stories to tell, some lore behind this title. Unfortunately, we can’t yet produce story-focused maps and campaigns due to limitations of VCMI Map Editor. And yes – we are aware of all of VCMI bugs and weaknesses. Still, it is the only H3 platform in which we can add such variety of new content with reasonable effort. As for people skilled in modding other platforms, be it ERA, MoP or anything else, if you want to port our expansion to platform of your choice – be our guest! We’d be grateful! Have fun! – MD Team

New alternative units
New neutral units

We would also like to thank all our friends who participated in our project. Kudos to you, guys!: Andruids, fred79, Kuririn, MURArt, Ragoon, Undead Artist.

And last but not least: We might have something new in mind too. Or, rather, something old. This is not our final word. But it’s too early to say more…

Tides of War Tides of War Tides of War Tides of War


  1. AvatarDan

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much for the fine work!

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Merry Christmas to you Dan!
      But I am not the author of the modification, it is Mod Design Team 🙂


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