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Succession Wars download

Did you know...

Some Stronghold heroes have teh same portaits. For example: Jabarkas and Dessa, Gurnisson, Tyraxor and Zubin, Vey and Gretchin.

Platform Total Conversion
File Size 355 MB
Version v0.8.1
Mod Info Succession Wars
Last Update 04.02. 2019
Download (mod db mirror)
Download (google drive)

The Succession Wars installation

  1. You need a CLEAN Heroes 3 SoD/Complete directory. No mods, including WoG, HotA or HD!
  2. Download H3SW v0.8.1 installer.
  3. Unpack the modification to the game directory.
  4. Launch h3sw.exe for the game and h3swmaped.exe for the map editor.