New Spells Plugin download

Platform Heroes 3 Complete / SoD
File Size 1 MB
Updated 08.11. 2021
Authors AlexSpl, Rolex
Download (official download)
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

16 new spells have been added (well, not quite new, but we don’t have much original graphics and animations).

How to install New Spells Plugin

  • Copy NewSpells.dll, NewSpells.ini, NewSpells.lod, and NewSpells.snd to _HD3_Data\Packs\NewSpells folder. Then just add plugin in the HD Launcher.
  • Make sure to delete all old resources from _HD3_Data\Common folder, if you tested previous versions.
  • Keep in mind that it’s not the release version.

Test it on a fresh Heroes 3 installation, as the savegame format used by the plugin is incompatible with the original savegame format because of the new spells, particularly due to storing info for Mobility spell (the plugin doesn’t replace the original spells though, it really adds new ones). All spell work and AI can use them, except Mobility.

This plugin is compatible with SoD 3.2 and GOG Complete Edition with HD mod, and doesn’t work with ERA/WoG properly.