Metamorphs – script56 (WoG)

Metamorphs skript zmení jednotku Earth Messenger na Metamorpha. Metamarph sa na začiatku svojho kola pretransformuje na náhodnú jednotku zo sveta Heroes 3 Wake of Gods. Po ukončení boja naberie Metamorph opäť svoju podobu.

ERA II v2.7.x
How to install ERA II (Wake of Gods)

When enabled, Earth Messengers become Metamorphs. Metamorphs randomly transform themselves in combat into other monster types just prior to their first action. The new type is random but the Metamorph stack’s total health will not exceed the total health of the creature they turn into.

A Metamorph stack will also transform when it kills an enemy stack on its turn (but not if it kills the enemy stack with a retaliation attack). After combat, the remaining Metamorphs will change back into their normal Metamorph state.

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