How to properly install Tides of War expansion (VCMI)

Tides of War is an excellent expansion for Heroes 3, but if you have no experience with VCMI, it may be a problem to install it.

Step 0

Make sure your PC username does not contain special characters, such as ň, š, ä… If it contains them, the game always crashes after starting. Easy solution: Create a new user account without these characters.

Step 1

For the installation it is required to have Heroes 3 installed on your computer, ideally the Complete version, highly recommended from the site GOG.COM. Do not use RIP versions from the Internet!

Step 2

Download the latest VCMI daily build from the official website. I used the version of VCMI-branch-develop-3fd8faf.exe. Download the installation file and click to install.

VCMI daily build download:

Step 3

This step is very important, so read carefully! Copy “Data“, “Maps” and “Mp3” folder from Heroes III installation to:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\vcmi\

Step 4

Download RAW version of the Tides of War expansion to your computer. Unzip the “” archive and then copy the “tidesOfWar” folder here:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\vcmi\Mods
The Tides of War

Step 5

Everything is almost ready. From the desktop, launch the VCMI icon. The VCMI launcher is displayed and you only need to enable the Tides of War expansion. Click “Enable” and then “Start game”.

If you still have problems with the installation, write in the comments.

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