How to install Wake of Gods (ERA 3) with latest WoG sripts and HD mod – Tutorial

A new major version of Heroes of mIght and Magic III ERA was released. Current version: 3.2. Currently Wake of Gods campaign are removed from the package (SoD campaigns became fully available with sound and prologue / epilogue). Once “alpha” tag is removed, they will be uploaded as standalone WoG Campaigns mod.

GOG Heroes 3 Complete
ERA 3.2 + latest WoG scripts
HD mod


  1. AvatarCuxi

    Hi guys,

    I followed the tutorial for installation of ERA 3. But it doesn’t work for me.
    When I open ERA 3 start menu, there are no mods installed. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you for your time.
    Have a great day.

    1. AvatarRadim


      I did not have that problem.
      1. I instaled HOMM3 on C/HOMM3 (I create that file and this is important to do that I think)
      2. Then I instal ERA on C/HOMM3
      3. Then WOG
      4. And last HOMM3 HD.
      I have no problem with that.
      But after playing around 30 minutes crash. I do not know why.

  2. AvatarPerry

    what do you mean with install WoG?The old 3.58f? -> NOO!
    All you need is the gaming build offered here at this homepage, it includes everything.
    If you want we can investigate your crash. Send the zipped Debug folder with Dropmefiles. It contains all information. Find it in your Heroes 3 main folder.

  3. AvatarBieo

    Hi everyone,
    I wonder which mods and add-on can put together with ERA 3.2. May be some new monster, new town… I want more gaming experience


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