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Horn of the Abyss download

Did you know...

#101 Only Fortress has 2 hexes wide moat. Fortress moat is full of boiling tar and cause 90 points of damage per hex when creatures enter the moat or end a turn into one.


Platform Horn of the Abyss
Version 1.6.1
File Size 219 MB
Update 01.02. 2020
Download v1.6.1 (google drive, official link)
Download v1.6.1 (mega.nz, alternative link)
Download – Spanish translation for v1.6.1
Download – Polish translation for v1.6.1

Platform and installing

The whole modification is created by reverse-engineering Shadow of Death files. So, Horn of the Abyss is to be installed on top of clean Heroes III: SoD or Complete edition.

We do not guarantee stable work on any “optimized builds” or with mods that can change original game files (except for HD mod, which is 100% compatible). Install to a folder with either clean SoD or Complete or older version of HotA.