Heroes 3 Maps and Campaigns collection for RoE, AB, SoD, WoG and Horn of the Abyss (6000+ maps)

A brutal collection of 6000+ maps for all versions of Heroes 3. All maps are nicely categorized by size and version of Heroes 3 (SoD, WoG, HotA….). If you use the HD mod, you can copy all the folders to the Heroes 3 Maps folder because HD mod can work with directories and subdirectories.

Of course, you will only run Wake of Gods maps if you have ERA installed. Use ERA Gaming build.

I do not guarantee the quality of the maps, you will have to try. 🙂

Heroes 3 Maps Collection



  1. Ely

    hey thank you so much for this huge bundle, it’s incredible to see that people still care about this masterpiece and that take time of their life to make it easier for others! much love <3

    1. Liso1 (Post author)



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