Hades mod v1.8 (Inferno town) – Demons Are Coming Back to Ashan!

This is a fanmade modification of Might and Magic Heroes VII, that adds a separate, completely new faction – Inferno. Hades DLC adds to the game:

  • New Inferno town – which you can know from Heroes V and VI
  • New 8 Inferno units that you can recruit in town
  • New Inferno heroes, with which you can play in Single and Hot Seat maps
  • New skill reserved for Inferno Heroes, among others “Gate” known from Heroes V and VI
  • New map habitat for Inferno units
  • New neutral creatures

The modification is still in the works phase and is still being developed. It can have bugs and problems. So if you found any, write about it on HeroesCommunity forum. Author: slyen.

This mod is compatible with the UCP, Shadow over Ashan, Scalled creature Mod, Trial by Fire mod.Inferno town only works on SKIRMISH maps (single player and hotseat multiplayer) and you must select both Inferno town + Inferno Hero before starting your map.

Download and installing instructions:
Hades mod (official page)

The Inferno army includes all demons living in Sheogh such as small Imps and powerfull Pit Fiend. In battlefield, demons don’t use any tactics, they just charge their enemies, crushing, destroying and burning everything. They have only one purpose: to kill all living things and destroy everything that comes from Asha.

There are so many kinds of demons that it’s hard to describe them all. In Inferno, the Demons Lord can recruit only 8 the most powerfull demons from hellish prison.


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  1. AvatarAndrej

    Идея интересная, но для моделей юнитов и героев инферно можно попробовать перенести готовые с их анимацией из 6 части, ведь даже разработчики 7 части судя по всему часть юнитов перенесли из 6 в 7, как пример суккуб и разрушитель из Инферно, все элементали, кроме водного. каппа и др.


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