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Gigamight Resize Mod download

Did you know...

Only the growth of following creatures may be doubled: Griffins, Gogs, Troglodytes, Harpies, Wights, Hobgoblins, Wolf Riders, Lizardmen and Serpent Flies. There is no double growth for Conflux creatures.

Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 62 MB
Version 1.0
Author Artas1984
Last Update 14. 05. 2020

Heroes 3 Gigamight Resize Mod resizes the creatures in the battlefield, making them look more proportional. HD mod compatible.

Gigamight Resize Mod installation

  • For Heroes 3 Shadow Of Death and Heroes 3 Complete.
  • Paste h3sprite.lod into your game’s Data folder, replacing the original file.
  • This mod only resizes the creatures and heroes in the battlefield, it does not change the gameplay!
  • Recommend to play with Heroes 3 HD Mod.

Source: https://www.moddb.com/mods/heroes-3-gigamight-resize-mod