Flying Saucer (Heroes 5 Ester Egg)

Plate is a small alien in a flying saucer that appears in A Flamboyant Exit, the last scenario in the Flying to the Rescue campaign in Tribes of the East. He is an easter egg, and won’t appear in normal gameplay.

One way to make him appear is to have more than one million gold, and then summoning storm titans at the start of the week. Plate will then appear next to Zehir, with the four storm titans in his army.

Plate’s icon is similar to that of an imp, but colored green. He is a first-level warlock, and his unit looks like a flying saucer. He starts with 15 attack, defense, and spellpower, and 20 knowledge. He has the Ultimate Irresistible Magic and Expert War Machines, and the Suzerain specialty, but with the icon of the Blood Mistress specialty.

Biography: Unknown flight device from Persy 9th.

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