ERA 3 download

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Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 90 MB
Version 3.3
Update 25. 01. 2021
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ERA 3 Gaming Build

Currently WoG campaign are removed from the package (SoD campaigns became fully available with sound and prologue/epilogue). Once “alpha” tag is removed, They will be uploaded as standalone WoG Campaigns mod.

 A new major version of HoMM 3 ERA was released

 What’s new?

 Optional ERM 2.0 mode: named constants, local variables, and functions at the precompilation stage. It became possible to write clear code with a small number of comments.
 The ERM engine has been rewritten: a lot of legacy fixes, universal syntax, convenient work with strings, bug fixes, expanding and adding commands, and much more.
 Added standard ERA library for ERM: 1 extended event and thousands of predefined constants.
 The ERA becomes a full-fledged core for all sorts of modders: there are no more imposed mods, animations, most graphical changes, new interface, replaced campaigns and music, etc. By installing ERA you get a working skeleton with all the tools to create a unique build for your tastes and desires. The base set of new monsters/objects from WoG 3.58 remains as resources and switchable game mechanics.
 Working with ERM functions has become even more pleasant: correct counting of passed parameters, default parameter values, and auto-initialization of parameters with zeros.
 Improved debugging and testing support: new magic constants and the first version of the Era test library. Auto-tests on ERM are written for detected bugs.
 SN:M dynamic arrays now perform the role of lists perfectly. The change in size was optimized. Access to end elements by negative indexes is now available.
 Added a new OnAdvMapObjectHint event that allows you to dynamically control the hint when hovering over any map tile, which is actively used, for example, in new creature banks mod by PerryR.