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ERA 2.8.8 download

Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 99 MB
Version 2.8.8
Update 20. 08. 2019
Download (v2.8.8)
How to install ERA 2

New release. Can be installed over 2.8.6+.

Version 2.8.8
[+] Added command for changing monster names/specialty text as !!UN:G1 zvar-free replacement.
SN:H^monname^/monster ID/(0 – singular, 1 – plural, 2 – description)/text.
Note: get syntax works with all SN:H commands, allowing to obtain actual hint/text.

!!SN:H^monname^/0/0/^Bug^; rename pikeman to Bug
!!SN:H^monname^/0/1/^Bugs^; pikemen to Bugs
!!SN:H^monname^/0/2/^Screws the game process^; change pikeman special abilities description
!!SN:H^monname^/13/2/?z2; get archangel special abilities text
!!IF:M^Don’t hire bugs. Better higher archangel. Pros: %Z2^; display archangel advertisement

[+] Added plugin event ‘OnAfterStructRelocations’, occured after ‘OnAfterWoG‘. All game/WoG/Era structure relocations
must be performed before it with calling corresponding RedirectMemoryBlock (OldAddr: pointer; BlockSize: integer; NewAddr: pointer)
function. At ‘OnAfterStructRelocations’ event final addresses of game structures must be obtained via GetRealAddr.
UN:C command always uses GetRealAddr and is thus safe to use default WoG/SoD addresses.

Era uses GetRealAddr to get hero specialties, secondary skills, monster names and descriptions from now and
will support more relocated structures in the future.

[-] Fixed MR:N bug: if dead stacks were present in position of alive stack, dead stack number could be returned.
[-] Fixed Era bug with invalid address of secondary skills descriptions table, leading to wrong SN:H behavior. Credits: gamemaster.


  1. AvatarRafał

    How can I download ERA 2.88? There’s only a mirror from google drive but it blocks downloading with message ‘this file is infected with virus’

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Rafał, try direct download: ERA 2.8.8.


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