Did you know?

#62 Any external dwelling flagged, regardless of level, incrases town production of the unit by 1. It is not affected by Citadel / Castle, Legion artifacts, but is affected by Grail structure (rounded down).

#61 The cost of upgrading troops at a Hill Fort: Level 1: Free, Level 2: 25% of normal cost, Level 3: 50% of normal cost, Level 4: 75% of normal cost, Level 5,6,7: normal cost.

#60 Two heroes of the same type can never appear at the same time in the Tavern. For exapmple, if you are looking for Solmyr you must buy the Wizard offered, if any.

#59 Abandoned mine can never be of Wood type. It is guarded by 100 – 249 Troglodytes.

4 Komentáre

  1. AvatarNokik

    Toto Did u know je fakt dobre, dozvedel som sa tu zopar veci ktore som nevedel (ako napr. s tou lodou). Len tak dalej.

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      Ďakujem, som rád že sa séria „Did you know“ páči, len roním ich v anglickom jazyku, nakoľko SK/CZ návštevníkov na stránkach je minimum :/

  2. Avatarpekute99

    Don’t Storm Elementals can fly too ?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      They just look like they’re flying, but they are ground units (same as
      Fire Elemental).

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