Did you know?


#54 If a hero with Grail in his backpack retreats, surrenders or lose a fight, the Grail will be lost.


#53 Disguise spell does not work againts AI.


#52 Teleport is the onlz spell that gets cheaper with the advanced and expert skill. Normally it costs 15 spell points, with basic water magic 12, with advanced 6 and with expert 3 and if you have Magi you can get it to 1.


#51 Counterstrike, even if dispelled, will continue to work until the end of the round.

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  1. AvatarNokik

    Toto Did u know je fakt dobre, dozvedel som sa tu zopar veci ktore som nevedel (ako napr. s tou lodou). Len tak dalej.

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      Ďakujem, som rád že sa séria „Did you know“ páči, len roním ich v anglickom jazyku, nakoľko SK/CZ návštevníkov na stránkach je minimum :/

  2. Avatarpekute99

    Don’t Storm Elementals can fly too ?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      They just look like they’re flying, but they are ground units (same as
      Fire Elemental).

  3. AvatarSDrake

    Plagiarism is bad. Why didn’t you indicate that the source is FizMiG?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      Hey SDrake / Roman,

      Hi Roman, thank you for your „helpful“ comment.

      Did you even look at the whole section? There’s a link to all the sites I got the information from. And of course there is also his VK profile. Most inspiration for Did you know… pics is from amazing Tribute to Strategist pdf.

      BTW: And I started this section in 2015 with Facebook posts 2 years before FizMig. 😛

  4. AvatarSDrake

    My name is Sergey.
    I published the first slide of this section in the Tavern on May 29, 2012 (!). https://vk.com/photo-8632669_285411444?rev=1

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Autor článku)

      Hey Sergey, great job! I would like to end this and stop arguing. I admit I used some of Did you know… from your site, but not all, most of them are from Tribute to Strategist.

      In 2012, I did not even know that VK.com portal exists nor your pofile. I discovered FizMig site a few months ago.

      We even made a exactly same meme picture with mage guild and jumping Tommen (Game of Thrones :D)

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