Creatures Hidden Potential (VCMI)


Creatures Hidden Potential – a pack of mods changing properties of Heroes III creatures, to utilize their unused or modified animations.

  1. Alternative Shooting Centaurs – allows centaurs to shoot, but only when they have ammunition. Consequently, Ammo cart becomes a valuable possession for Rampart. (Graphics of centaur spears borrowed from Hobbit’s, avatar’s and Troggly’s mod)
  2. Enraged Minotaurs – Minotaur Kings will cast Frenzy at the beginning of the battle on themselves and other Minotaurs, but only if they get deprived of their positive morale.
  3. Teleporting Elementals – purely cosmetic change of the way Energy Elementals move. Instead of flickering in the air, they teleport.
  4. Furious Cyclopes – Cyclopes and Cyclops Kings change the way they behave when blinded. Instead of losing a turn, they go berserk. Additionally, this unleashes Cyclops Kings long-lost power – eye beam attack that hits 2 hexes. The ability will last for the remainder of the battle.
  5. Siege Dendroids – Using their powerful roots, Dendroid Soldiers will bind a catapult during the first turn of a siege.
  6. Karmic Harpies – Harpy Hags will be able to cast a rather nasty curse. Every attacked target will have 50% chance to deal double damage on retaliation against the bearer of the „Karmic Curse“. This effect will last for the rest of the battle, unless dispelled.

Author: Andruids. Mod works only with VCMI daily builds.

Creatures Hidden Potential
How to install modifications for VCMI
Minotaur Rage

Minotaur Rage

Cyclops Fury

Cyclops Fury

Karmic Harpies

Karmic Harpies

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