Contest for original games in co-operation with YOURGAMES.CZ


In partnership with web which donated three valued games from series Heroes of Might and Magic and another games purchased from contributions of our webpage I prepared a crossword competition. A similar version was seen in the past and was quite successful so why not repeat it? This time it will be a little more difficult and bigger because we have more games to win!


How to compete?

  • Open up page with crossword competition.
  • Highlight the words in word search like in this picture.
  • If you manage to find all the words you are left with 12 letters forming a sentence of three words in english (well known for those playing Heroes).
  • Final sentence together with filled crossword send to mail:, with message subject: Crossword competition.
  • You will be informed by mail about confirmation.
  • Show crossword competition

Important – lottery system!

  • After sending off crossword competition you need to comment under this page with text like: Sent.
  • You are free to comment the competition or add some constructive ideas.
  • The username of your comment is important!
  • All usernames will be sent to randomizer which will randomly generate names of winners who will split the prize between.
  • Leading winner will have choice of all 6 games, second 5 etc.

Competition evaluation

  • Competition will be terminated in April 31 12:00 PM. All subscriptions after this date will be invalid.

Competition prizes

  • Might & Magic Heroes VII – donated by
  • Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness – purchased from contributions
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V – donated by
  • Might & Magic Heroes III: HD Edition – donated by
  • Might & Magic X: Legacy – purchased from contributions
  • BONUS: Firaxis Bundle (XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Ace Patrol Bundle, Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete) – purchased from contributions

sutaz-vyhry acknowledgements

Thanks to Mrs. Roman Šubert who was online on chat at 23:00 PM at YOURGAMES.CZ where he promised to sponsor some games to competition. I really didn’t expect that and the communication was surprising. Not all webs were so generous (sweet regards Brloh!). All other games can be found online, such as the dadu online which is a great Casino game for people who like this type of entertainment.

Show crossword competition