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So if you feel like contributing to the functioning of this portal for the next years you have the greatest chance. Every €/$ is highly appreciated. If you intend on donating through PayPal please send it directly to the email address: , or via link.

Please write me a message to the recipient which Heroes 3 gift you choose. By buying these products you will support Heroes 3.5 Portal.

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  1. AvatarMarash

    What material are the shirts and hoodies made of?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Marash, product description on the site says that hoodie is made of Spandex/Polyester (probably because of 3D print).

      The quality is decent, because the picture is enlarged it is blurry on the print a bit.

      Comfort wise it’s okay, it’s not cotton. it’s like polyester so if you wear it for too long it will stink quick.


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