Advanced Classes mod v1.06 update

Advanced Classes Mod, a gameplay enhancing mod, that features revamped skill and spell systems, new artifacts and artifacts set, 2 dozens of new and reworked specialities, 6 new subclasses with uniquw abilities and more. The idea of this mod was to create 2 new skill ranks — Master and Grandmaster, which are gained right after Expert rank, as well as a completely new hero class — adventurer.

Advanced Classes mod
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When updating from 1.056 please delete the old version before installing 1.06.

Advanced Classes mod v1.06 chanegolg:

+ Reworked Wizards Fortune Set, it is now called The Adventurer’s Fidelity
(Full Set Bonus: Increases the chance to perform {Luck-strikes} in combat by removing the Luck cap at 15% (endless scaling). Allows finding all Class Sets, regardless of your current class)
+ Reworked Champions Honor Set
(Full Set: 50% chance to get a random Warmachine upgrade for free at level up, no secondary skill requirements)
+ Reworked the three EE artifacts and set “Vision of the Eagle”
(Full Set: Learn spells from your opponent in combat without the skill Eagle Eye)
+ New window for Goblin Support WM-upgrade
+ Emblem of Cognissance now grants immunity vs Artillery and Eagle Eye damage prior to fights
+ Learning spells with Eagle Eye now also gives +1 Spell Power
+ Watchmen grants +10% MR
+ Replaced three (useless) Wog artifacts: Magic Wand +20 Magic Strength, Summoning Scroll +1000HP for summons, Ballista Arrow +1 additional shot for ballista
+ Crest of Valor: Increased Henchman and Commander Power +15%
+ Game options are now saved when starting a new game
+ made a little window that shows your resources income/comparison to the previous day, when clicking on Kingdom Overview
+ Expansion heroes have a new and better specialty description
+ Added new advanced classes hero portraits and replaced some old ones
+ when right-clicking on war machines in hero window you now see bought/available upgrades for your WMs


– changed Magic Pierce I/II from 20/30% to 15/25%
– increased effectiveness of Magic Resistance artifacts all by +5% to compensate for the Magic Pierce from Mage-Class
– All Mana Artifacts increased by +2 reg  (4,6,8)
– Mysticism now regenerates (6,10,15,20,30) spell points per day
– changed value for M/GM Resistance from 23/25 to 25/30, to compensate for Magic Pierce
– Luck skill now gives only +30%damage at GM instead of +50%
– the amount of creatures the Grandmaster Adventurer gets is now limited/capped
– slightly increased the chance for Spell Power instead of Knowledge at level up from mage class
– Ballistics increased max damage of shooters now by +1/1/2/2/3 instead of +1/1/1/1/2


– fixed slightly wrong calculation for M/GM Armorer and Resistance in battle between two heroes
– fixed Battle-mage can now learn M Artillery
– fixed wacky calculation of negative morale
– fix Added Darzogs Set name to Dead Mans Boots
– fix in class points screen mixed Artillery/Ballistic icon


– New script for Necromancy that limits the number of skeletons you can raise after combat (put in disabled folder)
– banned WoG option for 2 secret skills
– Scouting event to get spells now considers Wisdom level
– Scouting event that gives creatures made more effective
– Changed name of Elemental set to Elemental Unity
– Changed name of Magic set to The Wizard’s Knowledge
– Removed the tag “Set Piece” from the description of all artifacts which are part of a set (looks cleaner, don’t know why I did it in the first place…)

Difficulty Mod:

– enabled the Dif option to add extra abilities to enemies stacks (experimental)
– improved the AI artifact equipment mod, now AI will not equip double items
– improved reward chance for Battle reward, if the chance is bigger 55% you have a small chance to learn a spell if the chance is bigger 65% you have a small chance to find an artifact
– Monster now will not be set to aggressive automatically, instead, the aggression of all monsters on the map start will be increased by 2 or 3 points, making it less likely to get joiners
– added a check to prevent AI heroes’ primary stats overflow. Now AI heroes will never have more than 99 of any skill point
– lowered the chance for the Battle Commander to appear by 4%
– the Battle Commander will no longer spawn in creature banks
– lowered the creature growth in creature banks for Hard/Extreme/Insane setting
– changed triggers for Battle Replay to !?FU(OnBattleReplay) (requires newest Battle Replay Plugin)
– some more small corrections in Dif Mod


  1. AvatarCamper747

    I found a bug, Im unable to combine the required artefacts for Angelic Alliance

    1. AvatarCamper747

      Also please delete my comments after you see them, thank you 🙂

  2. Avatarashevn

    Bug : Mage class pre-cast
    In seige battle – defend hero with pre-cast will cast atk magic on their own creature
    occured in both player atk AI castle or otherwise

    This bug occured from old ACM

    1. AvatarPerry

      Thanks, I will take a look.

    2. AvatarPerry

      Okay, it will be fixed in the new version, thanks for the report.


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